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Stair & Step Calculator

Need to know what your rising and going of your steps are? Use this easy calculator to make sure your steps are within standard.

stair calculation diagram


Fill in two known starred values and number of steps and press "Calculate" button. The other values will be calculated.

If you have set the stair dimensions correctly and want to adjust the step amount use "Clear A & B & Steps values" button and re-enter the new step value and re-press the "Calculate" button. to receive your results

Slope Relationship: 0
Rising: 0
Going: 0

For non spiral stairs that are designed habitable rooms as per the NCC Building code - Please check this is the relevant standard required in your area and relates to your project

Rising should be between 115mm and 190mm

Going should be between 240mm and 355mm

with a slope relationship (2R+G) of between 550 and 700

NCC 2022 Stairway and ramp construction Part 11.2.2

Please check that this is the current standard before using this information

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