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CLIENT: SS Engineering


Digital Birth, in collaboration with SS Engineering, transforms creative ideas into CAD-designed realities. Our recent project, a custom table with a twisted X leg layout, showcases our commitment to turning your visions into tangible products. From 3D modeling to detailed drawings, bill of materials, cut lists, renders, and manufacturing files, we're here to simplify the process and bring your ideas to life.

Custom Table Design - Turning Ideas into Reality

At Digital Birth, we believe that every great product begins with a vision, and we're here to transform that vision into a tangible reality. Our recent collaboration with SS Engineering is a perfect example of our CAD drafting expertise. We took their verbal design concept and turned it into a remarkable custom table design with legs arranged in a twisted X layout.

Unveiling the Creative Process

Our journey began by closely listening to SS Engineering's unique requirements. With our CAD design wizardry, we crafted a 3D model that not only met but exceeded their expectations. From there, we meticulously created detailed drawings, complete with bill of materials and cut lists, offering SS Engineering an unparalleled level of clarity and precision. The result? A stunning table design ready for manufacturing.

Your Vision, Our Expertise

We take pride in turning dreams into reality. Our CAD drafting services provide you with not just a design but a complete package that simplifies the manufacturing process. From 3D renders that bring your concept to life to manufacturing files that ensure a seamless production process, we've got you covered. Our dedication to realizing your ideas remains at the forefront of our mission. Let us bring your next project to life through the magic of CAD design.