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Laser cut door plates

CLIENT: Metro Steel Windows


Digital Birth Fabrication drafting services partnered with Metro Steel Windows, a leading steel window and door manufacturer, to design a custom laser-cut door striker plate. Our collaborative CAD design process ensures that the end product perfectly complements Metro Steel Windows' residential and commercial projects, offering precise manufacturing files that enhance efficiency and product quality.

Custom Laser Cut Door Striker Plate

At Digital Birth Fabrication drafting services, we take pride in delivering tailored CAD design solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. One such project involved creating a custom laser cut door striker plate for Metro Steel Windows, a renowned manufacturer specializing in custom steel windows and doors. Our collaborative process begins with a deep understanding of the client's requirements. We worked closely with Metro Steel Windows to ensure that the striker plate perfectly complements their exceptional residential and commercial projects.

Our CAD drafting services played a crucial role in this endeavor. We designed and provided the manufacturing files required for production. The end result is not just a door striker plate; it's a testament to the benefits of our services. Metro Steel Windows now benefits from precise, high-quality manufacturing files that streamline their production processes, ensuring that the final product fits seamlessly into their custom steel windows and doors.

Digital Birth Fabrication drafting services: Where innovative CAD design meets the needs of clients for remarkable results.

Metro Steel Windows