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What are fabrication drawings?

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Whats included within a fabrication drawing package from Digital Birth? It is very project dependent, but lets explore a sample project for a stair balustrade

What is a general arrangement (GA) drawing?

A General Arrangement (GA) drawing is a scaled diagram that provides an overview of the layout and arrangement of objects, structures, or components within a project, like a building or a machine.

What is in a GA drawing?

We 3d model all of our projects including site conditions. we start off with a large and easy to understand, visual representation of the completed project.

Isometric drawing view

Capturing the Site Conditions

Site conditions are gathered either from the architectural drawings or supplied site measurements.

Site Conditions

3d Modeling and Product Design

Once the site conditions have been created, we can now concentrate on the product.

We break each section into logical assemblies and tweak the design to suit the fabricators preferences in construction, whether that would be use of standard flat profiles or laser cutting plates.


How do Fabrication drawings differ from GA's

Fabrication drawings provide detailed information for manufacturing and assembly, while GA drawings offer an overall layout and arrangement perspective.

GA Drawings approved! its time for you to shine, getting projects through the shop with the least amount of issues is paramount.

Assembly drawing

In the assembly drawing below we are demonstrating how one of the balustrade sections is assembled

We have included main views of the product, details and sections to clearly communicate the product, cut list to prep for construction and a notes section that shows the weight, material and other project related information.

You can build the whole part from this one drawing.

Assembly drawing view

To make parts fast you need easy to understand information, and having a good cut list to work from speeds things up no end

Cut list

For the placement of the mounting plates we have displayed the dimensions in two ways, horizontally, but more importantly aligned with the member, so you can run your tape measure along the equal angle and scribe the location before laying the plate in place and welding.

Dual dimensions

Sections and details are included so you can easy assemble your part without wondering where everything fits, it includes the angles shown on the cut list, all this information is available all on one drawing sheet.

Detail and Section Views

We include details in the notes sections of approximate weight, material and finish and any welding requirements

Drawing Notes

Part drawing

So what do we need to fabricate this section of balustrade, we have included an exploded view of all of the main components with drawing references.

Exploded View

Ordering Parts

With the frame and tabs attached, it would typically be time to order the mesh panel unless you have in house capabilities,

We supply the mesh panel sizes with a little fitment tolerance so you can send them to be made and tack in place when they arrive.

It is very common for fabricators to request dxf files to aid in ordering laser cut or puched parts, dxf files are supplied as standard.



So your on site, you have manufactured this beautiful balustrade, where does it go? Within the GA drawings we provide dimensions to fit project and little notes to guide you along.

Balustrade Installation

Good Job, you're balustrade looks great, your client is delighted with your handy work. well done and its time for the next project.

If you have any projects you would like to discuss you can contact us over here at Digital Birth - Drafting Services