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Typical building construction abbreviations

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Don't know your CFW from your CPBW?

If your drawing has lots of abbreviations and you are left thinking, What does it mean? Check out our handy little guide of the most common building construction and fabrication abbreviations


Abbreviation Meaning
EL or ELV Elevation
LEV Level
GND Ground
FFL Finished Floor Level
SFL Structural Floor Level
FCL Finished Ceiling Level
TOC Top of Concrete
TOS Top of Steel
U/S Underside


Abbreviation Meaning
BOT or BTM Bottom
LH Left Hand
RH Right Hand
NS or N/S Near Side
FS or F/S Far Side
OPP Opposite


Abbreviation Meaning
CL Center Line
CTS Centers
DIA Diameter
DIM Dimension
NOM Nominal
O/A Overall
RAD Radius
REF Reference
TYP Typical


Abbreviation Meaning
CFW Continuous Fillet Weld
CPBW Complete Penetration Butt Weld
BP or BPL Base Plate
FLG Flange
SB Structural Beam
SC Structural Column
RB Roof Beam
PL Plate
COL Column
UB Universal Beam
PFC Parallel Flange Channel
RHS Rectangular Hollow Section
SHS Square Hollow Section
TEE T-shaped section


Abbreviation Meaning
CONC Concrete
CB Concrete Block
CFC Compressed Fibre Sheet
CR Concrete Render
FPB Plasterboard
PB Particle Board