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Quality Design

We work with you to understand your needs and how you work to provide you the best solution.


We design with you in mind and provide clear and understandable drawings.

Great Value

You will receive great design for great value, we can offer fixed pricing or by the hour rates.

do you need Approval Drawings

Whether they are for your client, an architect or project manager we can help.

Fabrication Drafting & Design

We can produce easy to understand shop drawings to aid you in the manufacture of your products.

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Technical Illustration

Does your documentation need updating? want your products to look professional? come discuss how we can help.

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Product / Industrial Design

We can develop your product idea or sketch in to a 3d model, technical drawings or a working prototype.

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CNC Milling / Cutting Service

We provide CNC cutting services to transform your designs into reality, tailored to meet your custom part requirements.

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Carefully crafted

“Design is thinking made visual.”

Our goal is to make great CAD design & drafting services accessible to everybody. Designing for manufacturers, fabricators and makers is our passion and we strive to make complicated design simple but beautiful.

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Director Dean Bateman

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

If you have a design in mind or a rough sketch, and want to create a drawing, we can help.

CAD Drawings

Click on the Start button to launch the animation. Then click on the points of interest to discover our drafting skills and features.

  • More info - Bill of Materials

    Bill of Materials

    Accurate BOM’s assist with the ordering of materials and identification of parts, custom columns can be added like cut lengths or the associated drawing reference for that part.

    Close - Bill of Materials
  • More info - BOM Balloons

    BOM Balloons

    In partnership with the BOM table, it makes locating parts and what materials are used for those parts quick and efficient.

    Close -BOM Balloons
  • More info - Detail Views

    Detail Views

    Parts can get complicated fast, but by using detail views you can communicate these intricate areas clearly, allowing the end user to gain a better understanding of your product and aid manufacture by visibly defining how your product works.

    Close - Detail Views
  • More info - Custom Drawing Block

    Custom Drawing Block

    If you have your own drawing template, we can supply our drawings on your template or we can add your branding and company details to our standard template.

    Close - Custom Drawing Block
  • More info - Dimensions


    When making or installing a product, having the correct dimensions on the drawing matters. Not having to calculate the size or position of a part or feature will save you time and money, dimensions are created with the end user in mind. whether it is a running dimension to mark out holes, or dimensions from a single side of a part to maintain consistent fit to mating parts.

    Close - Dimensions
  • More info - Precise Drawings

    Precise Drawings

    Drawing your product in 3D over conventional 2D allows for clash detection and faster drawing revisions, without fear of forgetting to update a view on a drawing and eliminating costly mistakes in manufacture.

    Close - Precise Drawings
  • More info - Drawing Notes

    Drawing Notes

    Clear, easy to read notes add extra detailed information where its required to communicate the important parts of your product.

    Close - Drawing Notes
  • More info - View Titles

    View Titles

    Orientation view titles, scales and view notes added to the drawings to clearly define the view attributes.

    Close - View Titles

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I can not speak highly enough of the services of Digital Birth.

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